Share Paper: Best of The Netherlands: The Team master Transition in Education with Technology, a new way of professional development.

  1. Aziza Mayo, Leiden University of applied sciences, the Netherlands, Netherlands
  2. Koos Eichhorn, Lucas onderwijs, Netherlands
Friday, June 29 11:15-11:45 AM De Dam 1

Abstract: Although Dutch education is doing well internationally, it is generally understood that more teachers with a master degree are needed to continue to improve the quality of education. Unfortunately, experience and research both show that individual master programs generally contribute little to sustainable school development. This is why Lucas Onderwijs and Leiden University of Applied Sciences have developed a new post initial master and a new concept for master programs: the Team master Transition in Education with Technology. Not just one teacher, but multiple teachers plus the school leader participate in the Team master. The goal of the Team master ...