Share Paper: Assessment with Technology Integrated Menus: Creating a Bridge Between Traditional and Student-Centered Learning

  1. Sarah Barksdale, University of Minnesota, United States
Tuesday, June 26 12:00-12:20 PM Jordaan 1

Abstract: An emphasis on student-centered, or learner-centered, pedagogy is becoming increasingly popular in classrooms, universities, and teacher-preparation programs. With the shift from a transmission model of instruction to the learner-centered model (LCM), challenges arise. One challenge is finding accessible modes to assess student learning that are both flexible and personalized, while still ensuring necessary content is retained. Technology can act as a resource to individualize assessment and make it more meaningful. By creating menus, or choice boards, facilitators can begin to cross the bridge into a LCM, while students are provided with choices to pursue their interests, integrate technology or simulations ...