Share Paper: Gender and persistent grade performance differences between online and face to face undergraduate classes

  1. Adonis R Amparo, University of South Florida/ Hillsborough Community College, United States
  2. Glenn Smith, University of South Florida, United States
  3. Alon Friedman, University of South Florida, United States
Wednesday, June 27 3:30-3:50 PM De Dam 2

Abstract: Gender and student performance in the era of online learning are topics of strong interest to both institutions of higher learning and academic researchers. This study examines the role of gender and student performance in both online and face-to-face classes. The data were collected from 95,944 students in a two year institution and 50,593 students from a four year institution, with a five year difference between institutional data collections. Both modalities, online and face-to face were analyzed for gender differences. GPA indicators show a persistent and consistent under-performance by online students of all genders vs face-to-face classrooms based students of ...