Share Paper: Environmental Agency through Social Media: A Mixed Methods Collective Case Study of Families Looking to Adopt Ecologically Responsible Actions as Part of a Private Facebook Group

  1. Michel T. Leger, Université de Moncton, Canada
  2. Shawn Martin, Université de Moncton, Canada
Thursday, June 28 3:30-3:50 PM Jordaan 1

Abstract: Adopting a sustainable lifestyle represents a difficult challenge. This mixed methods collective case study looks to explore the adoption of ecological actions in the family, a context of socioecological transformation rarely examined in social science. Taking into account the popular use of social media today, this study seeks understanding the potential role of Facebook in promoting environmental action. In other words, for families who are intent on living sustainably, could the use of social media positively affect the way members relate to their environment and bring about real change in their daily actions? To answer this question, we recruited 45 ...