Share Paper: Promoting Online Students' Learning and Achievement: Purposeful Partnerships Between Faculty and Academic Coaches

  1. Tara Lehan, Northcentral University, United States
  2. Ashley Babcock, Northcentral University, United States
Wednesday, June 27 4:10-4:30 PM Oost

Abstract: Scholars have argued that the best student outcomes occur when learning center professionals collaborate with faculty members. However, such centers often function in the margins of higher educational institutions. At one completely online university, the learning center was marginalized to a large extent, resulting in a one-way flow of information (from faculty to the center only), faculty members’ reporting not knowing what occurred once they encouraged or referred a student to seek additional support, and gaps between services and the curriculum, faculty knowledge, and student knowledge and competence. In response, the center's associate director actively participated in committees and was ...