Share Paper: Making With Kids in Europe - To foster digital literacy, to make a better world, and to build a new entrepreneurship education

  1. Martin Ebner, Educational Technology Graz University of Technology, Austria
  2. Sandra Schön, Sazburg Research, Austria
  3. N. N., Waag Society, Netherlands
  4. Maria Grandl, Graz University of Technology, Austria

Abstract: Learning goals: Hands-on experiences with simple maker tools and projects with children for beginners and insights into diverse European approaches and experiences with maker education Description: Some of Europe’s leading experts on making with children will share their experiences and different approaches within this joint workshop The workshop will include presentations about teacher education within makerspaces at the University of Technologies Graz (AT), about inspiring social innovation and educational projects at the Waag Society (NL) and about the European initiative DOIT, which sees making as a good base for an early entrepreneurship education Participants will work with a set of ...