Share Paper: Increasing and Ensuring Accessibility within an Online Non-Majors Biology Core Course

  1. Mary Jo Parker, University of Houston-Downtown, United States
Tuesday, June 26 3:30-3:50 PM De Wallen

Abstract: Today’s university instructional online learning environment finds itself needing to ensure the online environment accommodates the needs of all learners Ensuring student-centered accommodations and student success is especially important in the online course and in course design in general (Burgstahler, 2017; Veal, Bray, and Flowers, 2005; Wattenberg, 2003) In an environment of diminishing resources across all higher education instructional areas, instructors and institutions must find or innovate the steps needed to ensure rigor without sacrificing content At the same time online flexibility and accessibility must be enhanced and addressed This paper addresses how many standard technology tools can be used ...