Share Paper: An Online Experiment of Using Case Studies and Scenarios to Teach Preservice Teachers About the Code of Ethics

  1. Zafer Unal, USF St.Petersburg, United States
  2. Aslihan Unal, Georgia Southern University, United States
  3. Yasar Bodur, Georgia Southern University, United States
Tuesday, June 26 3:30-3:50 PM De Dam 2

Abstract: Preservice teachers are required to learn about code of ethics and principles of professional conduct for the education profession to restrain from inappropriate conducts, unethical behaviors, illegal activities and endangering student safety However, many preservice teachers find the theories and concepts they learn in university classrooms too abstract to help address code of ethics during their program Case study method and case writing are two approaches that have been used in teacher education programs to connect theory and practice This study describes a technology-based case study analysis approach to preparation of preservice teachers for dealing with code of ethics