Share Paper: The Proto-Fuse Project Mutation in unconscious data: Methods to boost spatial creativity for architects

  1. Alireza Mahdizadeh Hakak, TU Delft University, Faculty of Architecture, Netherlands
  2. Armaghan Ahmadi Venhari, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
  3. Saeed Madarshahi, Azad Islamic University ,Mashhad, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
  4. Saeed Motamedzadeh, Azad Islamic University, Mashhad, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

Abstract: Creativity is the fountainhead of human civilization. All progress and innovation depend on our ability to change existing thinking patterns, enhance the ability, break with the present and build something new. Accentuating the role of creativity in design even more than other disciplines pushes one to underpin understanding creativity as key role player in Architecture. Furthermore by identifying the basic principles of our ingenuity/creativity, researchers might be able to enhance this ability in future. Digital era allows for a new domain of architectural experience. It is assumed that new designs in virtual environments can be created that goes beyond the ...