Share Paper: Using Qualtrics e-Surveys to Bring AACU Teamwork Value Rubrics to Life and Increase Usability

  1. Mary Jo Parker, University of Houston-Downtown, United States
Thursday, June 22 3:00-3:20 PM Banneker

Abstract: AACU value rubrics are now found pervasively across U.S. university campuses. Their use is related to ensuring assessment of student mastery levels across an undergraduate career (four to six-years). The University of Houston-Downtown’s federal designations of Hispanic-serving and Minority-serving find the use of these assessment rubrics even more important to guide curricular changes, instructional strategies, and course and learning enhancements supported through integration of transparent technology. UHD’s Biology 1310/1312 sequence of first year courses have been designated as core curricula to the UHD general education sequence. As such, the Biology 1310 as a non-majors course has been queued to assess ...