Share Paper: Creating a Codebook for Ascertaining South African and Finnish Mathematics Teachers’ WSTP to Cultivate Technology Intense Professional Development

  1. Verona Leendertz, North-West University, South Africa
  2. Seugnet Blignaut, North-West University, South Africa
Thursday, June 22 4:15-4:45 PM Wright

Abstract: It is becoming critical for South Africa to develop the technology skills of its Mathematics teachers as eight to twelve per cent of students’ performance can be attributed to effective technology integration. Through a partnership with Finland, the researchers in both contexts want to cultivate technology-intense professional development This paper describes the stages of creating a codebook for ascertaining South African and Finnish Mathematics teachers’ WSTP to cultivate technology-intense professional development. The researchers created an initial codebook to have a generic tool to conduct qualitative analysis, which is often questioned whether it is trustworthy or not, to ensure that the ...