Share Paper: From "Sit and Get" to "Stand and Deliver": Harnessing the Power of Digital Media to Enhance Learner Engagement and Student Success

  1. Katie Alaniz, Houston Baptist University/River Oaks Baptist School, United States
  2. Dawn Wilson, Houston Baptist University, United States
Friday, June 23 10:45 AM-11:15 AM Wright

Abstract: Anyone who spends time with today’s students appreciates the impact multimedia has on the lives of society’s younger generations. They consume, create, and publish multimedia content continuously throughout each and every day. They generate original and innovative products through programs and apps as a means of communicating and representing their experiences, ideas, and feelings. By intentionally and judiciously leveraging the power of multimedia to engage and motivate learners, educators hold the potential to expand imperative 21st century skills, such as creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. This paper highlights various tools needed by educators as they seek to plan for multimedia ...