Share Paper: Measuring Technology Acceptance of Makey Makey as an Input Device in a Human-Computer Interaction Class

  1. Miguel A. Garcia-Ruiz, Algoma University, Canada
  2. Pedro C. Santana-Mancilla, University of Colima, Mexico
  3. Laura S. Gaytan-Lugo, University of Colima, Mexico

Abstract: Students from a human-computer interaction course used the input device called Makey Makey Classic (a low-cost digital interface) for creating a video game controller, based on the topic of user interface development. A study was conducted to analyze how students accepted the use of the Makey Makey in class. After students used the Makey Makey for playing a video game, they filled out the Technology Acceptance Model version 2 (TAM2) questionnaire. Results indicated that most of the students perceived the Makey Makey as very useful and easy to use in class and they would like to use it again in ...