Share Paper: ePortfolios 3.0? Learning, Practice and Evaluation, at the Intersection of Graduate Programs and Capstone ePortfolios

  1. Franc Feng, University of British Columbia, Canada
  2. Alex de Cosson, University of British Columbia, Canada
  3. Rochelle Lamoureux, University of British Columbia, Canada
Thursday, June 30 1:30 PM-2:00 PM Pavilion Ballroom B

Abstract: In this paper, I present work with my graduate students in which I foreground their voices, with their metacognitive reflections on transformation through program in graduating capstone course I have been teaching over the past eight years. I will be adding my voice, with that of my colleague. I will be connecting my experience facilitating completion of graduating ePs with my graduate students', assigning peer reviews, sharing challenges and sensitivities with innovative approach, in which we are cohere our graduate reflections of transformation, with metaphors, thematic, theories, etc.