Share Paper: Proposal of a Positioning Learning Support System for Violin Beginners incorporating False and Vague Information

  1. Marimo Kumaki, Future University Hakodate, Japan
  2. Yoshinari Takegawa, Future University Hakodate, Japan
  3. Keiji Hirata, Future University Hakodate, Japan
Wednesday, June 29 4:00-4:30 PM Junior Ballroom C

Abstract: Violinists need to master various techniques such as correct fingering and positioning. This method can be used to the effect for learning fingering positions on the violin, by indicating the next point to be touched on the strings. However, it is important to enable learners to withdraw from the system support. Generally, people share psychological characteristics which dictate that they will cease to trust someone by whom they have been cheated or lied to. Accordingly, learners will withdraw from system support naturally if once they become competent the system begins to present not only correct information but also vague or ...