Share Paper: Human Factors of Cybersecurity Awareness

  1. Ludwig Slusky, California State University - Los Angeles, United States
  2. James A. Goodrich, California State University, Los Angeles, United States
Wednesday, June 29 4:30 PM-5:00 PM Junior Ballroom C

Abstract: The purpose of the paper is to address the need for cybersecurity awareness, which is an important component of the national cyber security framework. It summarizes the results of the first part of the research focused on defining taxonomy for cybersecurity awareness surveys and for multifaceted assessment of maturity of cybersecurity awareness and ranking of individuals and organizations. The paper analyzes cybersecurity challenges affecting cybersecurity awareness and identifies countermeasure priorities for cybersecurity Awareness. Two sets of characteristics of humans in the cyberspace are considered - static (personality traits, digital footprints, goals) and dynamic (behavior) - followed by discussion of cybersecurity ...