Share Paper: Walking the Talk: Adding Value to the Higher Education Experience Through Innovative Technology Enhanced Learning

  1. Zarina Mariam Charlesworth, HEG Arc School of Business University of Applied Sciences W. Switzerland (HES-SO), Switzerland
  2. Natalie B. Sarrasin, University of Applied Sciences W. Switzerland (HES-SO), Switzerland
Tuesday, June 28 10:30 AM-11:00 AM Pavilion Ballroom D

Abstract: This paper examines the results of a research project the focus of which was the use of digital technologies in the higher education classroom through the lens of adding value. Multi-phase qualitative research carried out with bachelor-degree students (n=17), teaching faculty (n=20), administrative, and pedagogical services personnel (n=9) shows a certain incoherence in the manner in which technology is either viewed or used to enhance the overall learning experience. This highlights the need for scaffolding for both the students and the educators and more importantly supports the idea that change really needs to be driven by the institute in order ...