Share Paper: Learning technologies at the service of the Case Study Methodology in the 21st century classroom.

  1. Cristian Opazo, New York University, United States
  2. Lillian Moran, New York University, United States
Thursday, June 30 2:45 PM-3:05 PM Grand Ballroom AB

Abstract: Case-study methodology is an established strategy for active learning in higher education. As a learner-centered approach, it places emphasis on students’ acquisition of skills and competencies such as problem solving, argumentation, critical thinking and ability to synthesize complex scenarios into essential components. Traditionally implemented in professional schools (law, business, health sciences), this pedagogical method is broadening its impact into the humanities, social sciences and liberal arts with the help of a rich spectrum of innovative learning technologies. This presentation will describe a revamped implementation of the case-study methodology geared to the 21st century learner, with particular focus on effective curricular ...