Share Paper: It’s All Genetics to Me!: Designing Interactive Online Modules to Foster Student-Centered Learning in Introductory Genetics Courses

  1. Maria Papaconstantinou, University of Toronto, Canada
Thursday, June 30 3:25-3:45 PM Pavilion Ballroom B

Abstract: Online learning modules have been shown to engage students and enhance learning and retention of core concepts in a variety of disciplines. To facilitate and reinforce understanding and application of course concepts, to foster student engagement and skill development and to improve learning outcomes, interactive re-useable learning modules were developed and delivered online to students as a novel teaching strategy in a large introductory genetics course. These self-paced online modules integrate active learning and assessment activities and allow delivery of course content outside of class, enabling active learning-based activities during face-to-face time. In this session, the creation and administration of ...