Share Paper: “Is the juice worth the squeeze?”: ePortfolios and the Experiences of Faculty at the University of Alberta

  1. Pauline Nicholas, University of Alberta, Canada
  2. Jennifer Branch-Mueller, University of Alberta, Canada
  3. Martine Pellerin, University of Alberta, Canada
  4. Carol Tonhauser, University of Alberta, Canada
  5. Wei Wei, University of Alberta, Canada
Thursday, June 30 10:00-10:30 AM Junior Ballroom D

Abstract: In recent years there have been a surge in the adoption of ePortfolios (EPs) in the mainstream curricula of higher education (HE). The versatility and ability of EPs to enhance learning in the form of presentation, personal development, learning and assessment through the collection, selection, and reflection on best work over a period of time appeal to educators. This paper briefly discusses the developments and primary purposes of ePortfolios and presents the results and implications of a qualitative case study that investigated the experiences of faculty at the University of Alberta who use or are interested in using ePortfolios in ...