Share Paper: How Do We Prepare Vocational Teachers for the Demands of the Digital World? From Paper Prototype to Teacher Training

  1. Päivi Aarreniemi-Jokipelto, Haaga-Helia University of Applied SciencesSchool of Vocational Teacher EducationFinland, Finland
Thursday, June 30 2:00-2:30 PM Junior Ballroom B

Abstract: This paper describes a vocational teacher training programme designed by utilizing a design science approach from 2007-2016. The programme served as a testbed for digital learning and mobile learning solutions; afterwards, which were utilized in other teacher training programmes and global educational services provided for universities and vocational institutions abroad. The programme has aimed to meet the challenges of the working world and digitalization of society. The current paper seeks to illustrate the changes made in the programme in terms of the learning management system, pedagogical methods, tools and practises.