Share Paper: Coaching teachers in using technology

  1. Simone Dinse de Salas, University of Education Heidelberg, Germany
  2. Carsten Rohlfs, University of Education Heidelberg, Germany
  3. Christian Spannagel, University of Education Heidelberg, Germany
Thursday, June 30 2:00-2:30 PM Grand Ballroom C

Abstract: This paper is a report on a continued professional development program for secondary school teachers. Over a long period, participants have been coached in using digital media in classrooms, e.g. implementing the flipped classroom or using wikis. The interventions are designed to enhance technological pedagogical content knowledge. In addition, changes to self-efficacy and attitudes necessary for using technology in the classroom are provoked. Therefore, methods of knowledge management, methods of instructor training, and methods of traditional coaching are adapted and combined. Design research has been used to improve the program. The concept of the continuing professional development program will be ...