Share Paper: Back and Forth Exploration in Reflective Educational Practices by Using the Video Tool “CAVScene”

  1. Sachie Suizu, Ochanomizu University, Japan
  2. Ikuko Gyobu, Ochanomizu University, Japan
Wednesday, June 29 5:15 PM-7:00 PM Grand Ballroom C

Abstract: This presentation is to verify the effects of the new function “Back-Forth Tracing” (Gyobu et al., 2014) of CAVScene for educational practitioners’ reflection and researchers’ observation in accordance with the Schön’s theory of reflection-in-action (1983) and Bruner’s theory of acts of meaning (1990). We had observed educational activities in a Japanese preschool once a week for a year using CAVScene. After the observation within the same day, the practitioner and the researcher engaged in a reflective conversation. In the conversation using CAVScene, we found the difference of time scale and meaning of an event between the practitioner and the researcher. ...