Share Paper: The utility of print: Student use of (e)textbooks in an ultrasound course

  1. Jenna Kammer, University of Missouri, United States
  2. Sharlette Anderson, University of Missouri, United States
Wednesday, June 29 1:30 PM-2:00 PM Pavilion Ballroom D

Abstract: Etextbooks can be appealing options for students. With lower costs and interactive materials, they have plenty to offer. However, students in a traditional sonography course expressed resistance to using an etextbook over the physical copy. This study uses an experimental approach to look at why these students preferred to use the print version of the textbook over the etextbook by examining their interaction with both formats. Through interviews, observation and surveys, almost all students in this case study indicated that they preferred the print textbook for its utility--it was easier to read, flip through the pages, and take notes in ...