Share Paper: App Game-Based Learning in Relation to Garden Science

  1. Ming-Yueh Hwang, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
  2. Jon-Chao Hong, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
  3. Kai-Hsin Tai, Department of Industrial Education, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
Wednesday, June 29 11:15-11:35 AM Pavilion Ballroom A

Abstract: Gardens, in the larger context, nature, have long been a component of what educational progressives have associated with real life. In other words such an understanding emphasizes the continued construction and reconstruction of science concept in situated practice. Accordingly, this study designed a Game-based learning App in relation to Garden Science to facilitate science learning. Through the various human-device interactions with the game, learners can sustain their interest to obtain the related science knowledge and increase their cognitive processes to enhance learning effectiveness by the entertaining quality of the game. There were five categories in this study which included insects, ...