Share Paper: Integrating Google Earth in Higher Education-Bringing Global Awareness into Project Based Classrooms

  1. Mizuho Iinuma, Tokyo University of Technology, Japan
  2. Tagiru Nakamura, Tokyo University of Technology, Japan
  3. Takehiro Teraoka, Tokyo University of Technology, Japan
  4. Hiroaki Chiyokura, Tokyo University of Technology, Japan
Thursday, June 30 3:05-3:25 PM Junior Ballroom B

Abstract: In recent years, geospatial technology such as Google Earth (GE) has become readily available and accessible. In addition, GE has been proven to be powerful tool in in teaching spatial thinking. The ability to use images and spatial technologies critically will become an important requirement for global literacy and using GE effectively in learning and teaching may be a powerful way for fostering such skills. In this case study, we have developed a curriculum for a requirement course for university students at Tokyo University of Technology, Department of Media Sciences. A total of approximately 300 students are enrolled. In this ...