Share Paper: Making Social Networking Safe: The Design and Development of an Innovative, Interactive Cyberbullying Prevention Program for Adolescents

  1. Kay Kyeong-Ju Seo, University of Cincinnati, United States
  2. Benjamin Just, University of Cincinnati, United States
  3. Melinda Victor, University of Cincinnati, United States

Abstract: Cyberbullying has been identified as a critical issue in education and a hurdle for the successful widespread adoption of social media in schools. Although a number of programs dedicated to the prevention and intervention of traditional bullying have been developed and evaluated, there is a dearth of information available regarding the components necessary for similar programs to address cyberbullying. Research of cyberbullying has been limited to describing the characteristics of the bully and the consequences for the victim. In this presentation we will introduce the design and development of an innovative, interactive web-based learning program that we created to prevent ...