Share Paper: Standards and Tools for Designing and Developing Interactive Documentaries that Bring About Social Involvement and Change

  1. Susan Cardillo, Piedmont College, United States
  2. Anne-Marie Armstrong, Franklin University, United States
Thursday, June 30 1:30 PM-2:00 PM Grand Ballroom AB

Abstract: Documentary film has been at work creating social change since the art form began in the 1930’s. Based on the technologies of Thomas Edison and The Lumiere brothers, documentary films became a source of critical social expression. The next generation of documentary; Interactive/Internet based documentaries is emerging. And new technologies have been created for this new genre. This project used Content Analysis, The Delphi Technique and Media Analysis to focus on social change documentaries and their creators/producers. The new tools emerging in Interactive Documentaries that allow producers to become an advocate for change through social Interactive Documentary were analyzed for ...