Share Paper: Improving Older Adults’ Quality of Life through the Use of Digital Games

  1. Fan Zhang, Simon Fraser University, Canada
  2. Julija Jeremic, Simon Fraser University, Canada
  3. Amir Doroudian, Simon Fraser University, Canada
  4. Hollis Owens, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Thursday, June 30 3:05-3:25 PM Grand Ballroom AB

Abstract: New technologies provide opportunities to develop interactions outside of people’s immediate local environment, which is important to older adults who experience social isolation in their living environments. The findings of others and our previous work highlight the potential of digital games on enhancing cognitive and social capacities of older adults in an enjoyable and motivating way. However, it is not automatic or guaranteed that such benefits will be achieved. The purpose of our AGE-WELL National Centre of Excellence (NCE) digital games project is to create digital games and to investigate the potential of these games and senior-friendly commercial games (e.g., ...