Share Paper: Gamifying a Course to Teach Games and Simulations for Learning: A Design Case

  1. Susan Stansberry, Oklahoma State University, United States
  2. Scott Haselwood, Oklahoma State University, United States
Tuesday, June 28 11:15-11:35 AM Junior Ballroom B

Abstract: A design case is "a description of a real artifact or experience that has been intentionally designed" (Boling, 2010, p. 2). This design case includes the challenges, considerations, and decisions associated with the design, development, and delivery of a master's level educational technology course on teaching and learning with games and simulations. A master’s level course, Digitl Games and Simulations in the Classroom, faced redesign in order to add a gamification component to be modelled through 3D GameLab and Shivtr. The design decisions made and resulting issues are detailed in this paper.