Share Paper: Cross-national research and publication by virtual team building

  1. Stefanie A. Hillen, University of Agder, Norway
  2. David F. Conway, University of Nebraska at Omaha, United States
  3. Melodee Landis, University of Nebraska at Omaha, United States
  4. Peter Wolcott, University of Nebraska at Omaha, United States
  5. Mary T Schlegelmilch, Cisco / University of Nebraska Omaha, United States
Tuesday, June 28 3:25-3:45 PM Junior Ballroom B

Abstract: This paper explores a unique project between two universities and related research partners, separated across the globe, who collaborated to share knowledge and to extend local research to a wider audience. This submission will examine the process of virtual team building to support an international research collaboration. Targets and tools used during the process included online conferencing, an online workshop for supporting paper writing with pre-post online activities, as well as the use of several digital tools. Cisco collaboration rooms and applications like WebEx, Jabber video, as well as Today’s Meet, Google Drive, Wiggio, online questionnaires, and an online decision ...