Share Paper: Investigation for The improvement of Electronic Textbooks

  1. Ikram Malti, CLLE lab (Cognition, Langue, Langage, Ergonomie)Editions Nathan, France
  2. André Tricot, CLLE lab (Cognition, Langue, Langage, Ergonomie), France
Wednesday, June 29 2:45 PM-3:05 PM Pavilion Ballroom B

Abstract: For electronic textbooks designers, learning efficiency is a major challenge. Cognitive load theory (Sweller, Ayres & Kalyuga, 2011) and multimedia learning theory (Mayer, 2014) have identified several effects which can be used for the improvement learning materials. We used these effects to provide general recommendations for textbooks designers; working for a major French publisher. However, to improve digital textbooks and provide specific recommendations, we conducted a qualitative study among secondary schools. The main questions raised were as follows: how student and teacher use digital textbooks in class, what kind of difficulties they face and how they manage these. The results ...