Share Paper: Creating Authentic Learning with Moodle

  1. Nellie Deutsch, University of Phoenix, Canada
  2. Ludmila Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary College, United States

Abstract: The workshop will focus on the design and implementation of Moodle courses for fully online, blended learning, the flipped classroom, and MOOCs. Participants will learn about socially engaging resources, activities, blocks available in Moodle 2.9. as teachers in the Teacher Practice Area (TPA) and managers in the Manager Practice Area (MPA) of a course. Attendees will engage in authentic learning as they create video tutorials using screencast-o-matic to document and showcase their work. Interaction and practice will occur both in person and on Integrating Technology Moodle 2.9 website, equipped with the latest version, rich editor and plugins. The advantages of ...