Share Paper: Design for older adult cohorts: Insights from a series of digital storytelling workshops

  1. Simone Hausknecht, Simon Fraser University, Canada
  2. Michelle Vanchu-Orosco, Simon Fraser University, Canada
  3. David Kaufman, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Wednesday, June 29 11:35-11:55 AM Junior Ballroom B

Abstract: Digital storytelling provides an opportunity for older adults to become digital producers, tell and share their stories, and learn new technology through participation and creation. In this best practices presentation the authors report on a digital storytelling workshop designed for older adults through a partnership grant and the lessons learned. The session will serve the dual purpose of informing digital storytelling workshop designs, while also paying special attention to participants with diverse needs, specifically older adult cohorts. It will explore some of the issues and experiences of working with older adults and technology, lessons learned, adaptations required, and successful approaches. ...