Share Paper: A Technology-Supported Elementary STEM Curriculum Model

  1. Sherri Cianca, Niagara University, United States
  2. Yonghong Tong, Niagara University, United States
  3. Dennis Garland, Niagara University, United States
Tuesday, June 28 2:00-2:30 PM Pavilion Ballroom A

Abstract: Abstract: An author of this paper teaches a STEM methods course for elementary teachers in training. Teacher candidates enter the course lacking an understanding of available technology and how to integrate technology into the teaching of science, engineering, and mathematics. Two technology-savvy professors and the STEM course professor have joined forces to collaborate on a technology-integrated curriculum design whose digital content is other than what might be learned through paper resources. The aim of the interdisciplinary collaboration is to develop and then implement simulations and virtual labs into the STEM methods course to deepen teacher candidates’ knowledge of STEM content ...