Share Paper: Personal Information Management in Educational Context: the importance of unification to information access

  1. Marco Winckler, Institute of Research in Informatics of Toulouse / Université Paul Sabatier, France
  2. Thaise Costa, Department of Exact Sciences / Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil
  3. Liliane Machado, Informatic Center / Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil
  4. Ana Maria Valença, Department of Clinical and Social Dentistry / Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil
  5. Ronei Moraes, Department of Statistics / Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil

Abstract: This paper is focused on personal information management system (PIMS) that are aimed at helping students to manage all kind of data they might need during their academic life. Whilst the research on PIMS is not specific to a particular domain, we claim that it is necessary to understand users’ tasks and which data they manipulate in order to design successful tools. As far students are a concern, few works have investigated the challenges that they face for managing personal data in their academic life. In this paper we describe those challenges and we propose centralized approach for managing students ...