Share Paper: Exploration of a Blended Learning Approach to Reading Instruction in Second Grade

  1. Shani Wilkes, Lexia Learning, United States
  2. Paul Macaruso, Community College of Rhode Island, United States
  3. Elizabeth Kazakoff, Lexia Learning, United States
  4. John Albert, California Elementary School, United States
Tuesday, June 28 11:35-11:55 AM Junior Ballroom B

Abstract: This study explores a blended learning approach, utilizing both online and offline materials, for reading instruction within general education second grade classes in a California elementary school receiving Title 1 funds. The blended learning program was implemented in two classes, with an additional class in the same school serving as a control. The study was carried out during the second half of the school year from February through May 2015. There were no significant differences between groups on the DIBELSĀ® Next reading assessment at the start of the study, however, the intervention group significantly outperformed the control group on DIBELS ...