Share Paper: Gameful Learning as a Teaching/Learning Strategy: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

  1. Sandra Davidson, University of Alberta, Faculty of Nursing, Canada
  2. Laurie Candy, University of Alberta, Faculty of Nursing, Canada
Thursday, June 30 11:15-11:35 AM Grand Ballroom C

Abstract: Teaching a new course for the first time presents an opportunity for reflection on one’s teaching practice. Undergraduate nursing research is a course that is critically important to our student’s development as nurses; however the nursing research course seems to have gained a reputation among students as being dry, dull and difficult. Upon receiving the opportunity to teach an on-line section of the nursing research course, we challenged ourselves to find a way to increase student engagement and satisfaction with their learning experience in the course. The teaching/learning strategy we decided to implement for this course was gameful learning. Specifically, ...