Exploring the Embodied Interactive Learning Effects – Designing an Instructional Scenario with Unity3D and Kinect V2 Sensor

ID: 48646 Type: Brief Paper: New Development
  1. Xinhao Xu, Fengfeng Ke, and Dan Huang, Florida State University, United States

Tuesday, June 28 2:45 PM-3:05 PM Location: Pavilion Ballroom B

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Abstract: In this paper, we present an on-going pilot study of a larger research project on embodied interactions and learning. The project aims to evaluate how embodied interactions enabled by the Microsoft Kinect V2 will facilitate learning. We utilize Unity3D and Kinect V2 SDK to construct an interactive learning environment for learners to learn numeric systems conversions. Our target participants are thirty undergraduate or graduate students in an American university who have no or little idea about the content knowledge. We will apply pre- and post-tests to collect quantitative data to compare learning effects between the Kinect-enabled embodied interactions group and the traditional mouse-based group. We will also collect qualitative data through observations and interviews to find out any issues with regard to the usability of the learning scenario so that to further polish the instructional environment design for the next phase of the study.


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