Share Paper: Rethinking teaching and learning at North-West University: The design of a high-collaborative multi-mode professional development program for newly-appointed faculty

  1. Verona Leendertz, North-West University, South Africa
Tuesday, June 28 10:00-10:30 AM Pavilion Ballroom C

Abstract: North West University are moving towards a multi-mode teaching and learning. This modality requires thoughtfully selected, complementary face to face and online approaches and technologies with much emphasis on collaboration in virtual or face to face environments. Newly-appointed faculty should be supported with adequate skills and knowledge for teaching in this mode. This paper outlines the rational for the conceptualization of a high-collaborative PD program using the Community of Inquiry framework to guide newly-appointed faculty to design, develop and evaluate their courses in a blended model. The project uses design based research to ensure that the process is rigorous, relevant ...