Share Paper: Team and community building online: Using technology to enhance the student experience

  1. Jo Axe, Royal Roads University, Canada
  2. Elizabeth Childs, Royal Roads University, Canada
  3. BJ Eib, Royal Roads University, Canada
Tuesday, June 28 11:35-11:55 AM Pavilion Ballroom A

Abstract: With the ongoing move toward blended and team-based learning in post secondary education, there is a need for greater understanding of how to support virtual teams in their work and as they build learning communities online. This paper outlines a study that examined the student experience in an online module which used various virtual collaboration tools to facilitate effective collaboration in team-based course activities and foster the development of a learning community. Likert scale and open-ended questions were used to collect students’ perceptions of their experience in the online module. In addition, team reflections on the use of assigned virtual ...