Share Paper: Evaluation of E-Textbook Quality Using the Refined Kano Model and Importance-Satisfaction Analysis

  1. Weishen Wu, Da-Yeh University, Taiwan
Wednesday, June 29 2:45 PM-3:15 PM Junior Ballroom B

Abstract: E-books are popular in schools, many teachers have adopted e-textbooks in classrooms. However, the quality standards for e-textbooks are still incomplete. Schools and publishers demand a quality evaluation method for selecting e-textbooks or making improvements. This study aims to develop a quality evaluation scale for e-textbooks, and apply it to determine the quality attributes of e-textbooks using the refined Kano model and importance-satisfaction (I-S) matrix. Based on the e-book’s literatures and standards, an e-textbook quality scale (e-TQS) was developed, and validated by 183 elementary school teachers. The e-TQS was used to measure elementary science e-textbooks published in Taiwan through the ...