Share Paper: Readiness of Forklift Operators to Train with Serious Games

  1. Pieter De Villiers, TELIT, North-West University, South Africa
  2. Seugnet Blignaut, North-West University, South Africa
Tuesday, June 28 2:00-2:30 PM Pavilion Ballroom C

Abstract: Driving simulators have increasingly become the preferred method of training as it provides a risk free training environment for people and equipment. Development of simulators is costly as they comprise multiple virtual reality technologies. We aim to develop a cost-effective virtual reality forklift training simulator serious game for forklift operation training. Trainees could first-hand experience different dangers related to the operation of a forklift like overtipping, incorrect load balance, or the consequences of dropping hazardous materials such as chemicals or combustible materials. We collected and qualitatively analysed data from seven local certified forklift operators in training on their previous training ...