Share Paper: webAD: Visualizing Algorithms and Data Structures in Educational Environment

  1. Volodimir Begy, University of Vienna, Austria
  2. Erich Schikuta, University of Vienna, Austria
Tuesday, June 28 10:30 AM-11:00 AM Junior Ballroom D

Abstract: webAD, standing for web-based visualization of algorithms and data structures, is an e-learning platform. It utilizes the experiences of previous analog projects, such as VADer or NetLuke and extracts the minimalistic ideology: no installation or configuration effort, multi device support, clear structure of didactical content and simple extensibility for developers. Compared to other visualization tools for algorithms and data structures webAD puts a high value on a flexible tape-recorder and implements it with a unique approach. Based purely on HTML5 and JavaScript with the smallest usage of external libraries it is designed according to the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern and works ...