Share Paper: Exploring learners attitudes toward a social e-learning system: A case study of the Edmodo

  1. Shu-Sheng Liaw, General Education Center, China Medical University, Taiwan
  2. Hsiu-Mei Huang, Department of Information Management, National Taichung University of Technology, Taiwan
  3. Yen-Ting Angela Liaw, Faculty of Arts, University of British Columbia, Canada, Canada
  4. Yen-Hsiang Andrew Liaw, Department of Computer Science, Simon Fraser University, Canada, Canada
Wednesday, June 29 3:05-3:25 PM Pavilion Ballroom A

Abstract: Although the benefits of e-learning have been discussed in various previous studies; it still is a critical issue of better understanding learners attitudes toward the social e-learning system, such as the Edmodo. The object of this study is to investigate learners’ attitudes toward a social e-learning system. Total 48 university students using the Edmodo for understanding better learning effects. The statistical results show students have highly positive attitudes toward the Edmodo. Furthermore, we also realize positive predictors on learning effectiveness and behavioral intentions toward using the Edmodo.