Share Paper: The Relationship between Teacher Characteristics and Their Concerns in Adopting Learning Management Systems

  1. Bianca Lochner, Walden University, United States
  2. Rita-Marie Conrad, Walden University, United States
  3. Edward Graham, Walden University, United States
Wednesday, June 29 2:00-2:30 PM Pavilion Ballroom C

Abstract: The study examined the relationship between the concerns of secondary teachers regarding the adoption of a learning management system (LMS) and selected teacher data variables: (a) demographic characteristics such as age, gender, teaching experience, degree, grade level and subject taught; and (b) technographic characteristics such as instructional technology experience, experience with the LMS, type and duration of LMS professional development, and self-reported level of LMS use. The results revealed that selected demographic and technographic are significantly associated with the teachers’ stages of concern. Implications and interventions for addressing teacher concerns and their support with the adoption of the LMS are ...