Share Paper: Visualize Presentation of Your Arguments: Connecting the Dots

  1. Ying-Hsiu Liu, University of Missouri - Columbia, United States
  2. Erin Dannecker, University of Missouri - Columbia, United States
  3. Kyungbin Kwan, University of Indiana, United States
Monday, June 22 11:15-11:35 AM Salon Kafka

Abstract: Physical therapist students have to learn how to explain, clarify and even defend their clinical decision making in order to educate their patients. However, most students struggle to generate quality argumentation without deliberate practice. Instructional activities should support efficient allocation of students’ cognitive load for elaborating arguments and systematically connecting logical arguments from multiple perspectives. This study reports an instructional example with the combined use of an animation tool and scaffoldings to help physical therapy graduate students visualize presentation of their arguments for promotion of argumentation skills acquisition. Also, student feedback on the particular assignment and best practices for teaching ...