Share Paper: Designing Edukata: a method for educators to create learner centered activities

  1. Tarmo Toikkanen, Aalto University, Finland
  2. Anna Keune, Aalto University, Finland
Thursday, June 26 2:45 PM-3:45 PM B1097

Abstract: Edukata is a collaborative design method for teachers and educators. It is based on an academic practice-based design research method that has been successfully used in designing various learning tools. The method produces high quality Learning Activities that have been empirically validated in over 2500 European classrooms using teacher surveys, observation, video diaries and interviews. Evaluation shows that Learning Activities increase student motivation, strengthen 21st century skills, encourage teachers to use novel technology to support their teaching, and connect their classrooms to society. This paper presents the history of Edukata, the empirical results showing Learning Activity efficacy, and discusses the ...