Share Paper: Tightening the instructional design belt: Evolution of instructional design processes for an economically feasible model of online education

  1. doug reid, Grant MacEwan University, Canada
  2. Jianfei Guan, Grant MacEwan University, Canada
  3. Rus Hathaway, Grant MacEwan University, Canada
  4. Nathaniel Ostashewski, Curtin University, Australia
Wednesday, June 25 4:20-4:40 PM B3107

Abstract: This paper presents the evolution of an instructional design model developed following the merger of several online education instructional design teams at a new university. What began with one instructional designer over a decade ago resulted in a highly skilled team of professionals with a honed model of baccalaureate instructional design. Following an instructional reorganization activity, it was decided to centralize the design, development and delivery of all online courses at a new university. In practice, finances and the costs involved with online education and technology enriched offerings effect educational offerings. The challenges that were overcome are an example for ...