Share Paper: Pedagogical Design and Pedagogical Usability of Web-based Learning Environments: Comparative Cultural Implications between Africa and Europe.

  1. Adewunmi Ogunbase, University of Tampere, Finland, Finland
Tuesday, June 24 10:00-10:30 AM B3118

Abstract: My research is on design and usability of web-based learning environments (WBLEs). It examines sociocultural perspectives of ways people learn & learner’s preferred learning style and identifies supposed ‘best’ types of learning technologies & approaches when need to achieve optimum effectiveness in education process. Previous researchers in this area stated in their results that WBLEs needs to be designed in consideration of needs & learners' learning styles and suggested some guidelines/models for doing this. These are used considering needs of different learners and suggested that some learners are still disadvantaged when studying with or using WBLEs. My research considers needs ...